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Real Estate Investment Lending

From $75,000 to $5 Million

Loans Designed By Investors, For Investors

Loans from $75,000 to $5 Million

Rates from 9.5%

Up to 85% LTC

Borrow up to 100% of rehab costs

Closing in as little as 5-10 days

Loans from $75,000 to $1 Million

Rates from 4.25%

Up to 80% Acquisition

Get Financing in Your LLC

No Income Qualification

Loans from $75,000 to $5 Million

Rates from 9.5%

Up to 70% LTV

Loan Term up to 24 months

Closing in as little as 5 days

Who We Are

Restoration Capital was founded on the belief that real estate investing should be accessible to everyone. 

Our mission is to be a launching pad for new investors and a growth accelerator for experienced investors.

Our management team has completed over $500 million in investment real estate projects.

Low Fees
Flexible Terms
Quick Settlements (5 Days)
Personal Service
Local Market Expertise
On-time Settlements
In Completed Projects
Loan Settlements
Starting Interest Rate

How It Works

This is what you can expect the process to be like when applying for a loan with us.

It’s fast, painless, we do most of the work, and you can have your funds as soon as 5 Days!

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • stephanie bogdanovic Avatar
    stephanie bogdanovic

    Three years ago I did not even know what a hard money loan was. After being introduced to Restoration Capital from my lender, the way I do my business changed forever. They were so helpful in educating me on the process of hard money and on all the benefits hard money would bring to my business. To say game changer is an understatement. I have the ability go after properties now that before I could not even consider. I can be more competitive with my offers and that has helped me grow my business. I have worked with other companies and will say if you have the opportunity to work with Restoration Capital, you should do it. Brian and Justin treat their clients like family. They want to make sure you succeed. They make the process simple, they answer all of my stupid questions and provide guidance on how to take my business to the next level. They really take their customer service to the next level, and that speaks volumes to me on their work ethic and business acumen.

    Stephanie B.

    John Albert Rubino Avatar
    John Albert Rubino

    Andrew and Brian are solid professionals and handle their customers with the utmost respect. I highly recommend their services. -

    Rex Regner Avatar
    Rex Regner

    The team at Restoration Capital have been amazing. I am a new client and they treated my business like we've worked forever. The process was amazing and hassle free. I've worked with other institutional lenders before and the process can be quite daunting at times. The most important part besides their service is the terms. They were extremely competitive and it was an easy decision. I plan to utilize their funding as more and more deals come in. -

  • Arian Hosseini Avatar
    Arian Hosseini

    I have worked with a lot private equity companies in the past but it was definitely a pleasure to work with Restoration Capital, they closed on the deal in less than 48 hours which is quite impressive compared to the industry average. If you are looking for a reliable and dependable company I would definitely recommend them. -

    Jack Cordes Avatar
    Jack Cordes

    I have been really interested in learning about flipping houses but have had a hard time getting all the answers. I sat down with Andrew and he broke it down step by step and gave me more resources than I could count. If you are like me and just getting started in this industry put him first on your list! -

    Dawne Daye Avatar
    Dawne Daye

    My experience with Restoration Capital was outstanding! Justin, Brian, and Andrew were amazing. The service they provided was exceptional. They were professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I did not have to worry about any aspect of my deal being funded. It was truly a great experience. If you are looking to fund your deal call Justin! -

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