How it Works

The five Step Process

  Step 1: Our 1-page application can be processed online or over the phone (1-800-877-0883) in minutes.  A list of the documents and information we need to expedite your loan application can be found below.

Step 2: Once your loan application has been received, we will research your property and call you to get a better understanding of your capital needs and goals.

Step 3: For offers that you plan to write, a pre-approval letter will be issued.  For property already under contract, a commitment letter will be issued by email.  The commitment letter will detail all the terms and conditions we discussed with you by phone/email along with specifying your closing date and location. You will sign the commitment letter, scan and send it back to us and then follow the link to pay the loan commitment fee.  

Step 4: After your loan commitment letter and fee are received, we will schedule a site visit to the property (for properties with interior access) or order a BPO (for properties with no interior access i.e. auctioned homes).  The purpose of the site visit is to confirm that the budget submitted with the loan application will cover the repairs/improvements listed and to confirm the condition & size of the property (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc).

Step 5 Detail: We can typically close in 5 days or less from the start of the loan application process to funding.  At closing, we will wire the funds directly to the title company to ensure an on-time settlement.

To buy your next investment property,
here are a few things you'll need

Property Info
This includes MRIS Listing of property that describes size, bedrooms, bathrooms, levels.

The pictures should include the higher value areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, windows, HVAC, driveway, deck.

Scope of Work & Rehab Budget
A list of the repairs/improvements you plan to make and the cost.

Sales Contract
A copy of the sales contract signed by the buyer and seller.  If the property being acquired is a short sale, send us the short sale approval letter(s)

Company Docs
When buying in the name of an LLC, we’ll need the Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization and the EIN for the entity.

List of Prior Flips
Addresses of your prior flips can show your experience and reduce your fees.

Additional Documentation
This may include things like hazard insurance and a copy of your driver's license.

Final Costs & Down Payment
You'll need funds to cover your closing costs and any required down payment.

Ready to Invest?